The Cherish Love Collection is out now

Look into infinity and follow my footprints on the sand; join me in this love journey where all your dreams come true. This truly captures what the Cherish Love Collection by GBS Herve Paris is all about. This collection was designed for the free-spirited bride who is confident and strong. 
The gowns of the Cherish Love Collection let each bride dream bigger than the desert and deeper than the sea. Versatility combined with stunning details create jaw-dropping designs where classic silhouettes meet sophisticated shapes, following the guideline “To have, to hold and to CHERISH”. 


Real Brides

Nathalie & Kai

Wedding date - 23.06.2023 Location - 'T Hagen, Haaksbergen, The Netherlands "We kept this wedding quiet for over 2 years....
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Matilda & Nathan

Wedding date - 2022.05.06 Location - Kingscliff NSW, Australia "We met almost 10 years ago through his sister at university....
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Shima & Theo

Wedding date - 2021.08.07 Location - Kurfürstliches Schloss Koblenz, Germany"We met late at night on a night bus when I...
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Veronika & Kyriakos

Wedding date - 2021.07.10 Location - Thessaloniki, Greece "It was love at first sight! We met while we were enjoying...
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Samira & Yannick

Wedding date - 2021.09.18 Location - Winery Endres in Bavaria, GermanyHow did you meet? "We met at a club! Mutual friends introduced...
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy my wedding dress?

The best period to start looking for your wedding dress is around 9-12 months before your wedding date. This way you have plenty of time to find your dream gown. The process of finding your wedding dress should be relaxing and fun. If you start too late, it can be stressful and tough. If you start around 1 year before the wedding date, you can fit a variety of styles, so that you can be sure that you picked the right one!

Which style of wedding dress should I buy?

It is important to do some research before you are trying on a wedding dress. It is advised to have some idea of which style you want. Do you want a traditional wedding dress, a bit more modern or maybe a Boho style wedding dress. It is also important to be open minded when trying on a wedding dress. The stylists in the stores are experts, so they might see something that you haven’t even thought of. Maybe your dream dress is in a style that you didn’t even consider.

What makes a wedding dress stand out?

One of the most important things for a wedding dress to stand out is that it fits you perfectly. That’s why it is necessary to alter the dress after buying one. A wedding dress can stand out in multiple ways. You can have beautiful three-dimensional lace flowers on the bodice, to wow everyone. A detailed open back with for example a keyhole shape will make a wedding dress stand out instantly.

What are ways to implement lace into a wedding dress?

Lace details are very important in a wedding dress. With sophisticated and stunning details, you can be a truly unique bride. Lace details are very popular is Boho dresses, but are also upcoming in the more traditional and romantic dresses. All over lace details are a great way to enhance your bridal look! You can also use lace details to create a beautiful tattoo effect on the back or the sleeves of a dress. With a see-through bodice with lace details, you can show your feminine figures in a beautiful way!

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