Destination wedding dress inspiration

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A destination wedding is a wedding where you have the ceremony away from your hometown. This unique approach combines the wedding ceremony with a memorable vacation for guests. Popular venues for destination weddings are a mountain side, a forest or a beach. In this blog you can find some benefits of these popular locations and why you should consider these destinations.

Experience True Nature at a Mountain Wedding

A mountain wedding offers a unique blend of natural beauty and romantic charm. The breathtaking views of the mountains create a stunning backdrop for the ceremony and will make every moment unforgettable. The mountains will create amazing wedding photos that you can be proud of to share to everyone you know. Because it can be a bit colder in the mountains, our amazing wedding dress Ciska with long sleeves would be the perfect choice.

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A Dreamy Forest Wedding Tale

A wedding in the forest is perfect for the nature loving bride and groom. Surrounded by towering trees and serene landscapes, it provides a peaceful atmosphere. Enhance your forest wedding experience with a wedding dress featuring charming floral accents. Wedding gown Catherin features beautiful and delicate lace details on the bodice creating the perfect connection with nature.

A Magical Beach Wedding to say: I do

With the beautiful sea or ocean in the background, a beach wedding is the perfect location to say “I DO” to your soulmate. The breathtaking views and the sound of the waves crashing create a soothing atmosphere. Beach weddings often allow for casual and comfortable dresses, making it ideal for a laid-back yet elegant wedding gown. Opt for a flowy and airy wedding dress with light fabrics like our wedding dress Chriss.  

Each destination offers a unique experience, combining romance, nature, and memorable moments.


Mountain wedding

Photographer: Jan Ottar Olufsen (insta: janottarolufsen)
Florist: Tone Maren Mortensen (insta: tone.maren)
Hair and makeup: Alicia Clarke (insta: aliciaclarkee)

Forest wedding

Photographer: By Brit Photography
Florist: Bloem & Chique

Beach wedding

Photographer: Carola Doornbos